jenny pine



Welcome to my web gallery.  Giclee prints and cards may be purchased by post.  They have a guaranteed image permanence of over 140 years using Hewlett Packard equipment, media and inks on lithorealistic paper. The prints are limited to 25 editions and are £30.00 (unframed) + £2.00 p&p. Also available as blank greeting cards at £2.50 each, minimum order 5 + £1.00 p&p. The prints suit traditional room settings and may be presented in a deep mount (12.5cm)of a neutral coulour in a hardwood frame (2.5cm- light or dark) this results in overall picture dimentions of 53cm x 48cm approx. To buy unframed prints and cards please go to the contact page and send me your contact details.  If you are interested in original paintings or drawings please also send me your enquiry by email.

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